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Vote for Chris Perri in the May 22nd Runoff Election. Early Voting is May 14-18.

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— Chris Perri

Core Values & Philosophy

I’ve dedicated my life to fighting for justice and freedom. As a defense attorney for over a decade in Central Texas, I tirelessly fight to uphold our country’s most precious cornerstone, the Constitution, by defending Texans of all backgrounds and beliefs. I’m now ready to bring my passion, energy, and progressive values to Washington to ensure that the Government protects and provides for both the present and future generations.

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Campaign Priorities

Return Government to the People

Make the government work for you by removing big money’s corrupt influence on politics.

Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence is senselessly destroying innocent lives. We deserve the freedom from fear.

Energize Texas

Protect the environment by investing in renewable energy infrastructure, energizing our economy. Prioritize clean water for future generations.


We need a compassionate immigration policy that respects human dignity, prevents families from being separated, and ensures the safety of all people.


Provide free college tuition, encourage career-ready programs, reform student loan system, and ensure that public schools work for our children.

Internet Freedom

The keys to our future will be determined by the quality of our Internet.

Health is Freedom

Universal health care is a fundamental human right that we can achieve by removing wasteful private profits from our healthcare system. The best option is Medicare-for-All.

Prosperity for the Future

All Texans deserve the dignity and opportunity to provide for their families.

Criminal Justice Reform

Reduce mass incarceration, legalize marijuana, and end for-profit prisons.

Equal Liberty

An attack on one is an attack on all. We must protect the rights of people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Care for Our Veterans

America: home of the free because of the brave. We must take care of our veterans and military families as they protect our freedoms.


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