Make the Government Work for You by Removing Big Money’s Corrupt Influence on Politics


Career politicians like Lamar Smith are serving the interests of corporations and wealthy donors instead of their constituents. Until we end this corruption by taking Big Money out of politics, we won’t be able to achieve the progressive goals of universal health care, environmental protection, education reform, and social justice. We were founded on the principle that everyone has a voice in politics, but that is no longer the case. We must take our government back by making America democratic again. 

Congressional term limits: Making a career out of politics is one of the primary sources of the abuses that we see in the system today. When politicians become indebted to Big Money in order to maintain their congressional seats, they stop working for their constituents. By amending the Constitution to set reasonable term limits in the House and Senate, we’ll promote a fresh influx of ideas and reduce Big Money’s influence on the political process. 

Campaign Finance Reform: The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United allows corporations to make unlimited expenditures to influence the electoral process, and the subsequent McCutcheon opinion overturned aggregate contribution limits to federal candidates. These decisions give corporations and Big Money the ability to buy elections for their preferred candidates. Given the current composition of the Court, we must pursue a constitutional amendment in order to overturn these anti-democratic decisions. In the meantime, we can regulate how the “Super PACs” raise money from corporations in order to end quid pro quo corruption. We can also attract ordinary citizens to enter the political arena by creating a hybrid public financing system consisting of small donations and public grants.

End Gerrymandering: Advances in data-mining and computer technology allow the prevailing party to re-draw district maps in a way that undemocratically maximizes their electoral advantage and disenfranchises large groups of people. We must take this power away from politicians by creating independent commissions that employ the technology to draw fair district maps whereby our Congressional composition becomes more proportional to the electorate.

Close the Dark Money Loophole: In recent years, special-interest donors are increasingly using a loophole in campaign financing laws to avoid disclosing their identities (“Dark Money”). This lack of transparency threatens our democracy, and it’s especially dangerous given the foreign influence on our most recent election. We must know who is financing our politicians, and Chris Perri will fight to close the loophole, ending the corrupt influence of Dark Money.


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