Compassionate Immigration Policy That Betters Our Economy Without Compromising Safety


We cannot forget that we were founded as a nation of immigrants and refugees. As such, Chris Perri advocates a compassionate immigration policy that respects human dignity while ensuring the safety of all Texans.

1,500 economists agree that immigrants improve our economy by allowing various labor skills to enter the economy to cover market shortages.

An aging population needs an influx of workers to support the safety net it requires.

Under the current administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has instilled fear in Texas immigrant communities by raiding them in the pursuit of undocumented people, many of whom have no criminal records and work hard to provide for their families. Moreover, ICE has taken the callous step of arresting defendants, victims, and witnesses at courthouses, which undermines our criminal justice system. Undocumented immigrants are now afraid to report crimes for fear of being identified by ICE, and this chilling effect on crime reporting makes our communities less safe. We must create safe zones (hospitals, courthouses, and domestic violence shelters) where people are safe from ICE enforcement.

Expand Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) so that undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children aren’t punished for their mere status.

Revive DREAM Act legislation to create further incentives for law-abiding immigrants to obtain educational benefits and jobs in exchange for legal status as permanent residents. 

Implement a reasonable pathway to citizenship by removing the bureaucratic red tape that creates long delays on determinations of applications for legal status. By encouraging undocumented immigrants to pass through the proper legal channels, we’ll reduce the number of undocumented people and efficiently separate out the applicants who do not meet the moral character qualifications.

No Border Wall!


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